The alternative rock band BRE-L was formed in 2014 by lead singer, Breanna Lynn out of the living room of her family's Burbank home. Following a six year hiatus after the release of the band’s debut album, Breanna Lynn took on the identity of BRE-L to continue the work the band began. For her next album which shows her evolution from Alternative Rock to Indie-Soul/ Pop-Funk. BRE-L approached Supertonic to offer creative direction to develop her new visual aesthetic that will reflect her new music. The release is set for 31st October 2020.


To freshen up the logo to best suit the new genre, we chose a font that is very modern, but at the same time has a tongue-in-cheek visual quality - quirky but classical, and playful without losing elegance.


Except for a logo, we also came up with a visual signature for the brand, something that will serve as an instantly recognizable symbol, for merch, live streams and concerts. We were inspired by the flashing, starry reflection of light in BRE-L’s glasses in the image we used on the cover.


We provided creative direction for the photography for the album cover and created photo treatments and adjustments to assist with color correction on photos to match reference photography.

The EP„ ”From beginning to end” represents BRE-L’s personal journey through a tumultuous romantic relationship. Each single tells a chapter of that story. We designed the single covers to reflect each of them, with distinct elements representative of the feelings conveyed in the singles, while at the same time combining them under one umbrella of a neo-romantic, retrofuturistic aesthetic.


We designed BRE-L’s fall 2020 livestream posters, inspired by her boldness and fearlessness with a playful twist. To accompany the posters, we developed a typographic and graphic treatment to announce the events on social media and various formats of digital banners.