Our creative director, Anka, is part of Stardust Kids, a collection of creatives, brought together by Oscar, Emmy, Grammy Award-winning musician, author, actor, and activist Lonnie Rashid Lynn, aka Common to elevate through artistry and music. The collective shines a light on artists of vision, impact and creative integrity that will uplift our music and culture now and help shape its future. Its mission is to inspire and empower through music. Supertonic was responsible for creating a pitch deck for the collective.


One of the projects we were involved in with Stardust Kids, was to re-design the logo of Common's foundation, Common Ground, whose mission is to empower high school students from under-served communities to become future leaders. Common said he started the foundation because he wanted to help people help themselves and we wanted to reflect that in the logo through bold typography and "o" symbolically being uplifted between the lines.